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How to maintain and maintain medals

When handling the dust on metal trophies and medals, it is necessary to use a clean and soft cloth to scrub, and to take care 

of various subtle details at the edges and corners, it is necessary to use a soft small bristle brush or air blow to remove the dust.

1.When storing trophies or medals in daily life, in order to avoid mechanical damage to metal trophies, they should be placed 

separately and not collided or stacked with each other.

2. Prevent the space for metal trophies and medals from being dry, free from dust and air pollutants, with a constant temperature 

of 18-24 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity of 40% -50%.

3. Together, it is also important to avoid cups and medals coming into contact with certain chemical components, such as "acids, 

fats, chlorides" and other harmful substances.

4. Over time, metal trophies and medals are prone to oxidation issues. If you want to restore the metallic luster, you can use cotton or silk cloth to scrub and achieve a polishing effect. Can also purchase

Some anti oxidation photo frames set up medals.

In addition to daily maintenance, regular rust removal treatment should also be carried out.