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How are keychains classified according to their manufacturing materials?

Keychain was a fashionable decoration item for fashionable people in their daily lives at that time. It had a delicate appearance and a particularly diverse design, which could well embellish their style after decoration and wearing.

1、 The design of the keychain. Keychain, as a decoration item hung on the keyring, is also known as keychain, keyring, keychain, keychain, and keychain. Its design is complex and common, including cartoon design, brand design, simulation design, and various imaginative craftsmanship designs.

Exquisite keychains made of various shapes and materials

2、 Material and classification of keychain production.

The materials used for making keychains generally include metal, PVC leather, plastic, crystal, etc.

1. Metal materials are commonly used, including copper, iron, zinc alloys, stainless steel, and other materials. Keychains made of 

copper are expensive, while those made of iron are relatively cheaper. Zhongshan keychain made of metal usually undergoes surface 

treatment, such as nickel plating, copper plating, gold plating, etc. This not only adds its aesthetic effect, but also achieves rust and 

wear resistance effects.

2. PVC soft rubber keychain.

PVC soft adhesive has strong plasticity and can be customized according to the size and shape you want, and its corresponding 

mold cost and other costs are also low. However, its drawback is that its color tends to become dull and dull, which then promotes 

its original texture.

3. Acrylic keychain. Acrylic, also known as organic glass, is a transparent material that can be filled with colored paper in the center 

and then made into different pictures. Acrylic Zhongshan keychain has the advantages of excellent brightness, good durability, 

and is not easily damaged, but its disadvantage is relatively brittle.

4. Plastic keychain. Generally, ABS material is used, and an injection mold needs to be opened. ABS material is used for injection 

molding, and then colored. Compared to Zhongshan keychains made of other materials, due to the high cost of mold opening, 

the quantity of them usually needs to be relatively large to be cost-effective.

5. Crystal keychain. The crystal Zhongshan keychain is generally made of artificial crystal and can be made into various shapes. 

Crystal, due to its pure and transparent quality, became a symbol of innocence and became the love of trendsetters. It is also a 

common material for making Zhongshan keychains.