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What are the types and application scenarios of keychains

1. Crystal buckle: Made from crystal and cast steel materials with exquisite craftsmanship, it is very popular among young friends. 

The exquisite appearance is very eye-catching for young girls. And when summer comes, it's also a great decoration. Product Usage: 

Commemorative promotional products for professional purposes such as corporate brand promotion, new product promotion, and 


2. Car key chain: The car key chain has become a common small gift, which is usually hung in the car as a pendant decoration, and 

can be given to brothers, sisters and family members to express their feelings.

3. Couple keychain: Couple PVC keychain is a popular product in the market, and a creative couple keychain can resonate with people. 

Product Usage: Commemorative and promotional products for professions such as corporate brand promotion, new product 

promotion, tourist attractions, souvenirs, school anniversary souvenirs, advertising, etc.

4. PVC keychain: PVC keychain is a widely used keychain in the classification of keychains, which is endowed with different meanings 

by carrying different movie, anime, and cartoon characters. Whether it is for corporate promotion, holiday gifts, birthday gifts, 

advertising promotions, etc., it is a good choice.