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What is the production process for keychain?

1. Plan a keychain blueprint: It is necessary to plan a keychain blueprint, including the style, pattern, text, and so on of the keychain. 

Able to use graphic planning software and other tools, as well as manually draw with paper, pen, and ruler.

2. Manufacturing metal molds: Based on the planned drawings, use metal materials to create molds that are the same as the planned

drawings. Metal mold manufacturing software can be used for mold manufacturing.

3. Electroplating and coloring: Electroplating and coloring the manufactured metal mold to make the keychain more aesthetically 

pleasing. Able to use methods such as vacuum electroplating and high-frequency electroplating.

4. Install keychain accessories: Install various accessories on the surface of the keychain, such as keyrings, pendants, etc., to make the 

keychain more useful.

5. Inspection and polishing: The keychain needs to be inspected and polished, including correcting the shape of the keychain, 

adjusting the orientation of accessories, and so on.